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Bensons Jewellery & Watch Services

Here at Bensons of Ludlow, our experienced and highly-trained team of experts are focused on one thing - excellent service. We have a large, well-equipped on-site workshop where we are able to undertake a whole range of different services including jewellery repairs and restoration, engraving and valuations, and even ear piercing.

Jewellery Repairs & Restoration

In our in-house workshop we carry out a wide range of jewellery repairs, such as chain rejoins, ring resizing, rhodium plating and pearl and bead restringing.

We also take great pride in our knowledge and skills for the restoration of antique jewellery, enabling that beloved piece to last a lifetime and more.

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Jewellery Design Services

Know what your dream piece of jewellery looks like but can't find it anywhere? Or maybe you have an usual stone that you'd like setting into an equally unusual design?

Our Jewellery Design Service lets you work with our team to create your very own unique piece of jewellery.



Our experienced jewellery and watch valuation team can assess the value of your jewellery items, watches or silverware for either insurance or probate purposes.

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Here at Bensons of Ludlow, we have on-site facilities to machine engrave a whole range of different items, including cups, trophies, watches, lockets, cufflinks and much more!

We frequently engrave cups and trophies for sporting clubs and are able to offer discounts for ongoing bulk work of this nature.

We are also able to send items to be engraved by a specialist hand engraver. Hand engraving produces a deeper, longer lasting cut and it particularly suitable for signet rings which require 'seal' engraving.


Watch Repairs

We are able to organise the service and repair of most watch brands, including prestige brands such as Longines, Cartier and Omega by a reputable local watch maker.

We can replace broken glasses, have movements cleaned and serviced and replace faulty parts such as winders and balance wheels.

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Ear Piercing

Bensons of Ludlow is a registered company for ear piercing and we offer the service in our Ludlow store. Drop-in appointments are available most days or you can book in advance.

Our stunning range of piercing studs includes styles in 9ct gold, titanium and stainless steel. Lobe and Cartilage piercings are available by our caring and expert team.



Do you buy gold and silver?

Yes we do buy gold and silver.  We mainly buy for the scrap value but sometimes we buy items as a piece.  The price offered is based on the live price of gold or silver on the day.  We are happy to look at any items you may have and advise accordingly.

Do you rhodium plate white gold rings?

Yes we are able to clean and rhodium plate white gold rings in our on-site workshop.  The cost is £35.00 per ring.  The standard turn around is approximately two weeks but we can do it more quickly if required.

Why does my white gold ring look dirty and yellow?

Gold is naturally a yellow metal.  To make white gold look white, first of all extra white metals such as silver and palladium are used in the alloy.  Then, to give the ring the very bright white look it has at the time of purchase, the ring is plated with another metal called ‘rhodium’ (a metal in the platinum family of metals).  Over time, this rhodium plating will wear off giving the ring a slightly yellow or ‘dirty’ look.  9ct white gold often has a more yellow appearance than 18ct white gold. We are able to re-plate the ring in our onsite workshopand make it look like new again.

How long should rhodium plating last on a ring?

This very much depends on how frequently the ring is worn and the wearer’s lifestyle.  If a ring is worn all the time the rhodium plating will wear off more quickly.  If the wearer has an active lifestyle or frequently comes into contact with water or chemicals the rhodium plating will wear off more quickly.

Do you cut off rings?

Yes we offer a free of charge service for cutting off rings.  Rings might need to be cut off because they have been on the finger a long time and can no longer be removed,or because the finger has suddenly swollen due to illness or injury.  There is aways someone available to cut rings off and no appointment is necessary. We strongly recommend that you are always able to remove your rings – just in case you damage your finger in some way and suddenly need to get the ring off.  We are able to adjust the size of rings in our onsite workshop.

Are you able to resize rings?

Yes we are able to resize rings in our on-site workshop.  We can resize rings that are gold, platinum and silver.  The price varies according to the metal of the ring and how many sizes the ring needs to go up or down.  When making a ring larger we always insert extra metal as stretching can weaken a ring.  Some rings are more complicated than others – for example eternity rings or rings which have stones set in the shoulders.  However we are always happy to take a look and advise what is and isn’t possible.

What options do you have for sizing rings for people with very large knuckles?

One of the most common problems we see is arthritis affecting the size of knuckles.  Very often a person can develop a large knuckle which makes it hard to put a ring on butthen the ringspinsaround once it isin place.  There are afewoptions which can help with this.  A ring clip (either a section of metal or a spiral of plastic) can be fitted onto the shank of the ring.  This can stabilise the ring once it is on.  A clip can be fitted while you wait.  Another option is to add a couple of stabilising ‘speed bumps’ inside the shank of the ring.  These are small beads of metal and are soldered into place.  The ring would need to be booked into our workshop for this to be done; it takes approximately two weeks.  A further optionwould be to make a ring adjustable although this isn’t possible for all rings.  We are happy to advise which solution would be best for your finger and for your ring.

Do you fit batteries in watches?

Yes we are able to fit batteries in nearly all watches that are brought in to us.  Depending on how busy we are,this usually takes approximately 10 – 20 minutes.  Some more complex or expensive watches can take a bit longer.  We are unable to fit batteries in Casio G Shock watches (take these to a Casio agent).  We are also unable toguarantee waterproofing after a battery change as we do not have the specialised pressure testing equipment.  We can however send watches requiring waterproofing to our watch maker.  This takes approximately two weeks.

What age do you pierce ears from?

We pierce ears from the age of 9 and up.

Do you pierce both ears at the same time?

No we pierce ears one at a time to ensure the alignment is perfect.  We use a gentle hand pressured system and have had no problems with doing the ears one at a time.

Do you pierce noses?

No we do not pierce noses.

Do you pierce cartilage?

Yes we do pierce cartilage.  We cannot pierce the tragus.

Do you have to make an appointment for ear piercing?

We do recommend that you make an appointment to ensure that there is someone available to pierce your ears.  You can call us on 01584 872676 or email on do this.  However, if you pop in and someone is free then we will happily pierce your ears on the spot!

My insurance company has asked me for a letter stating the stone in my ring is secure. Can you help with this?

Yes we can. Insurance companies are increasingly asking customers with valuable rings to get them checked by jewellers on a regular basis(often annually).  We will clean, polish and inspect your ring to ensure the settings are secure.  We will then produce a letter including a photograph of the ring, stating that this check has been undertaken. The charge for this service is £25.00.


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