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Based in the Heart of Ludlow Since 1978

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Jewellery Repairs & Restoration

We offer a wide range of in-store restorative services

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Caring For Your Piece

Based in the heart of Ludlow, our historic Buttercross building is home, not only to our jewellery shop, but also to our workshop where we complete a wide range of jewellery repair and restoration services. If your piece is in need of some restorative care, or perhaps you need a slightly different ring size; Bensons of Ludlow can help.

Ring Resizing

You might have recently recieved a family heirloom that you want to wear, or perhaps a loved one has gifted you a beauiful ring but it doesn't quite fit.

Getting a ring resized can be a painful process - finding the right people to complete the work to a high standard and for a reasonable price seems to be a rare find! But that's exactly what we offer here at Bensons of Ludlow. We can accurately measure your finger and our in-house talented craftspeople can expertly make the necessary adjustments within just a couple of weeks.

Restoring Vintage Pieces

If you've received an extra special heirloom from a relative or perhaps you have a beloved jewellery piece you've worn everyday, they may be looking a little tired and not as sparkly as they once were. Within our workshop in our Ludlow shop we can bring your jewellery back to life with a range of services.

We offer the replacement of worn out bands and retipping of ring claws. Retipping ring claws is great to help improve the overall look of the ring and keep any stones secure. This can prevent any diamonds or gemstones falling out and thus avoiding a hefty bill to replace them! Making sure you inspect and maintain your jewellery regularly is vital to keep it looking as good as new.

Stone Setting

Over time gemstones may work loose or claws become damaged. Our in-house goldsmiths can reset your piece and source replacements for missing or damaged diamonds and gemstones.

We can repair and re-set stones in most settings in-house, although occassionally we use specialist setters for more complex work.

Bead & Pearl Restringing

Here at Bensons of Ludlow we offer a comprehensive pearl and bead restringing service which is quick and affordable, whilst keeping the utmost attention to detail throughout the work.

Pearls and beads can be restrung with knots in between them and on wire or thread. We are able to discuss what method is best for you. We can also offer advice on how to keep your pearls and beads looking better for longer by avoiding direct contact with perfume and chemicals and regularly getting them checked for worn or frayed thread.

Chain Rejoining

How frustrating is it when you go to put on your favourite necklace and the chain breaks!

One of the most common repairs we undertake is fixing broken necklaces and bracelets. Our skilled goldsmith can re-join nearly all types of link and replace a wide range of faulty catches.

Cleaning & Polishing

There are times when professional cleaning or polishing is advisable to restore your jewellery to it's original glory. Over time jewellery can lose it's sparkle and lustre due to everyday exposure to elements and personal care or household substances.

At Bensons of Ludlow we have specialist cleaning facilties on site to thoroughly clean all types of jewellery items. We particularly recommend a professional annual clean, check and polish on claw set rings to ensure that stones are always secure. Some insurers ask for a letter confirming that settings are secure, and we are able to provide this.

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If you would like a quote for a jewellery repair or discuss a particular item, our team at Bensons of Ludlow will be more than happy to answer any questions or queries you might have.

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