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Aquamarine Jewellery

A selection of stunning pieces set with the delicate sky blue gemstone that is aquamarine. The birthstone for March, aquamarine is said to boost love, youth, good health, and overall happiness. Inspiring harmony within family and marriage, aquamarine jewellery makes the perfect gifting idea, especially for a bride’s, ‘something blue’. 

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Jewellery Education

Fairtrade Gold - 9 things you should know

Fairtrade gold is mined and produced in an ethical and sustainable way, with the goal of protecting the rights and well-being of the environment, workers and the local community.

December’s Delight: Turquoise Jewellery

Those with a birthday in the festive month of December have the beautiful and elegant turquoise as their birthstone.  Turquoise is a gem steeped in history and folklore and has...

The Precious Metals in Jewellery

The precious metals are gold, silver, platinum and palladium. They are rare metals that hold desirable characteristics, and are valuable, making for beautiful jewellery.


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